Welcome to MARDIA


MARDIA Holistic Services is now under construction at a different website. This website was developed some years ago and it is now out of date. Although it has lots of information about what MARDIA Holistic Services includes, we are now designing a website that will include new offerings and new ways of serving the public. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you at our new website soon.


MARDIA was created by Margaret J Brade and Diane S Speier with the purpose of synthesizing their unique talents to provide a comprehensive blend of services for individuals, couples, children, and the community, alongside organisations in the private and voluntary sectors. MARDIA Holistic Services is led by Diane and MARDIA Consultancy is led by Margaret, and they both bring a variety of skills to the work that they do. MARDIA Holistic Services includes workshops, classes, doula care, a long list of ceremonies, and a variety of therapies. MARDIA Consultancy includes business, management and motivational support for a range of organizations. The menu on the left will link you to the various offerings in each category.



Please use the menus on the left to explore the services we offer.